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The Ingredients Consultancy nestles in the shadows of the Malvern Hills but never stays in the shadows in terms of bringing the most specialised range of food ingredients to the key players in today’s food industry. We at The Ingredients Consultancy do not look to simply sell ingredients, but to sell our innovation and expertise too. All out products come not only with a quality guarantee but too with a sales and technical service guarantee.

The Ingredients Consultancy ethos is to offer all of our customers focused product training on both the ingredients we supply and application specific.

Not just any ingredient either – we work exclusively with our international manufacturing alliances – partnerships that have extended for decades. We source the best ingredients from the best manufacturers in their fields, we bring with them the strongest commercial and technical support and alongside of course the highest requisite quality standards.

Standing proud amongst the industry leaders tic recognises the need for simplicity, we strive to develop simple solutions, even for the most challenging and complicated issues –be that in product innovation or in optimising process excellence.

We take pride in our hands-on approach – delivering innovations from our worktops; not our desktops and taking the solutions right through to the production floors with individual ingredients for individual results Our food professionals are continually traveling around the country visiting customers to assist with their development needs.

We are well known for our range of specialised ingredients, but lesser known for our ability to source a full range of fine food chemicals and commodity ingredients –its all part of the complete ingredients package that we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us whatever your ingredient needs.

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