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An Apple a Day....

We are very excited to introduce you to our latest development from Herbafood GmbH, the world leaders of the infamous Citrus Fibre.

Citrus Fibre has a long established reputation for being the best fibre on the market for water retention, yield improvements, natural clean label texturising to name a few. Citrus fibre as fantastic as it is always had one flaw....and that was that it needed high sheer to activate and prefers to activate in a pH neutral, non saline environment.

Herbafood have always aspired to create a family of AQ PLUS (the highly functional) fibres and the first sibling is now born.

Herbacel Apple Plus A09 has now been finally completed after many years of painstaking research and development. This new exciting AQ family member offers all the same benefits of its Citrus Sibling but additionally offers:

  • Natural colour enhancement due to its polyphenol content

  • NO NEED for high sheer processing to activate

  • HYDRATION NOT AFFECTED by acids or salts

We ran a series of tests comparing Herbacel Apple Plus A09 with Cornstarch Prima 300 to see how it behaved. Please see trial data below.

Deep Freeze Viscosity Comparison compared with starch

Deep Freeze Viscosity Comparison compared with starch

As you can see from the test data Herbacel Apple Plus A09 out performs Cornstarch on every element.


  • SAUCES - to add viscosity and additional colour depth

  • BAKERY - to add yield improvements, improve fresh keeping and add natural colour depth

  • BRINE - to add yield improvement, improve moisture, needle injection suitable

  • FRUIT PREPS - add viscosity, improve colour depth

  • SMOOTHIES - stabilise particulates, improve colour depth


  • Water Retention - around 27g Water per 1g Fibre

  • Clean Label - "Apple Fibre" no E-Number

  • Easy to apply, simply add to total recipe and mix in

  • Impervious to acids or salts in recipe

  • Natural colour enhancement due to the polyphenols present

  • Improved yield

  • Improved texture

Please don not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information, samples or for us to visit you to demonstrate this phenomenal unique ingredient.

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