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galenIQ™ is pharma-grade ISOMALT that makes medicine taste pleasant. Whether tablet or powder blend, capsule, lozenge or syrup, ... galenIQ™ combines a multitude of outstanding characteristics, suitable for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications.

physiochemical data

The direct-compressible grades of galenIQ™ exhibit first-rate tableting properties due to their excellent compactability and high dilution potential. With a well-defined particle size distribution they provide outstanding flow and mixing properties, ensuring a high content uniformity even in low-dosage formulations. Tablets show a smooth surface and can easily be film-coated or pan-coated with galenIQ™ to make them easier to swallow or to protect the active ingredients from moisture or light.

Besides direct-compressible grades, further particle engineering is leading to a product range that is tailor-made for specific solid-dosage forms like pellets, capsule fillings, granules, pan coatings, high-boiled lozenges and low boilings.

physiological data

The physiological advantages of galenIQ™ include a very low glycaemic and low insulinemic response, making it a highly suitable excipient in formulations for all patient target groups, even for individuals with disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.

Moreover, the outstanding organoleptic and non-cariogenic properties make it an attractive choice for many buccal applications, such as sucking tablets, chewables or lozenges.

organoleptic profile

galenIQ™ has a pure, natural, sugarlike taste with about half the sweetness power of sugar. The combination with intense sweeteners offers the possibility to create any desired sweetness profile.

Many active ingredients have an unpleasant taste. The natural taste of galenIQ™ and its absent cooling effect can help to mask the taste of these active ingredients - an attractive property for many buccal applications such as sucking tablets, chewables or lozenges.

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