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Apple   Colouring   Extract   Focus

Herbarom is the product of choice if you want to set an accent in colour and taste without having to use isolated colourings or flavourings. You can have significant marketing as well as declaration benefits with the apple extract Herbarom that offers a consumer friendly image.

Lately, consumers demanded more and more for ingredients which are as natural as possible. This demand complies with Herbarom’s labelling as "apple extract“.

Profit from the health-promoting effect of apple’s secondary plant metabolites present in Herbarom. Boost the positive and natural image for example in beverages, bakery products, sauces and many other products by using Herbarom.

Based on the nutritional valuable components as well as the easy handling Herbarom offers numerous applications.

  • Fiqiud apple extract

  • Fruity flavour

  • Colour spectrum from light gold to deep brown depending on the dosage

  • Differing colour intensities

  • ph-value approx. 4.0

  • Density ca. 1.3 g/ml

  • Sugar content:

  • Herbarom AF 03, AF 06, and AF 12 approx. 40 %

  • Sugar reduced type Herbarom AF 24 SR

  • Sugar reduced type as powder and liquid available

  • Meat and sausages

  • Fish and Surimi

  • Gluten-free baked goods

  • Bakery products

  • Sweet and snacks

  • Dairy products

  • Beverage applications

  • Miscellaneous

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