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The nature and the professionalism of the soya and lecithin market was set many years ago by Lucas Meyer “The lecithin people.”

Lucas Meyer was bought by  SKW (Degussa) then sold to Cargill, another industry professional in lecithin.

The team at Lecico comprises of:

  • The former MD of both Lucas Meyer and Cargill

  • The sales director of both Lucas Meyer and Cargill

  • The tech director of both Lucas Meyer and Cargill, who is one of the acknowledged half a dozen people in the world who understand the true nature of the implications of non GMO and traceability


  • The Lecico team comprise of 25+ years of technical, marketing and development knowledge in lecithin.

  • Lecico are 100% focussed on Lecithin and phospholipids

  • Full customer support from NPD to GMO topics

  • The quality department at Lecico ensures and controls the traceability on this basis far beyond the current legal requirements

  • Lecico personally audit and select specific raw material sources to ensure premium supply

Result - safety , security of NON GM Soya Lecithin supply GUARANTEED!

Products in range
  • Lecithin - offering fluid and deoiled Soy, Sunflower, Rape Seed and ORganic

  • Phospholipids - including PS, PC, PI from various sources

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