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The company group Herbstreith & Fox as a producer of high quality pectin for the food and non food industry has today a worldwide name. The sophisticated and high-quality product range of H&F with pectin for the most diversified applications is supplemented by sweetening agents and fibres from fruit.


Pectin is a natural product which can be found in the cell wall of all higher plants. The universally used jellifying, thickening and stabilising agent pectin which nowadays is an indispensable component of a great variety of products in either the food industry, where it is used in the production of jams, confectionery articles, baked and dairy products or
in the nonfood industry, such as in cosmetics and pharmaceutics, where pectin has in recent years gained increasingly in importance. The benefits of the natural ingredient pectin are also more and more appreciated by the consumer, in fact, the trend towards natural products and natural components continues unhindered.

Classic Pectin

The variety of H&F Classic Pectins ranges from high ester and medium ester to low ester products. In our factories they are produced from apple and citrus. The H&F Classic Pectins are specifically standardised to suit the most assorted parameters depending on their application in the respective end product, resulting in a variety of products which are unequalled.


The all-purpose H&F Classic Pectins show reliable results in all application areas of the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and prioritise the product range of H&F.


Amidated Pectin

The range of H&F Amid Pectins represent a sensible technological supplementation and alternative to the H&F Classic Pectins.
H&F Amid Pectins are produced by suspending the dried pectin in alcohol and then treating it with ammonia. Hereby a defined number of methyl ester groups are changed into amid groups (amidation).

The specific characteristics of the H&F Amid Pectins lead to different gel textures and show technological advantages in some areas.


Combi Pectin

By mixing different raw materials and under special extracting conditions H&F Combi Pectins with very specific advantageous characteristics for specific applications will be obtained. The gels of these pectins combine the advantages of Classic H&F Apple and Citrus Pectins.


The distinct viscous characteristics of the H&F Apple Pectins are supplemented by the higher elasticity of the citrus pectins. This results in pectins developing gels of high elasticity and which are at the same time spreadable and show little syneresis.


Instant Pectin

H&F Instant Pectins are optimised pectins which can provide the user with technological, economic and even qualitative advantages.


H&F Instant Pectins are produced during an agglomeration process by joining small particles of the powdered, standardised product thus producing larger particles. This results in a porous structure of each pectin particle. The hence created space within the pectin granulate allows fluids to seep in more quickly and – in contrast to traditional pectins – a far bigger surface to be moistened. That is how a lumbfree dispersing in a cold product batch is made possible and a reliable solubility is achieved.

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