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Citrus Fibre Focus

HERBACEL®-AQ® Plus is obtained from freshly harvested apples (resp. citrus fruits) which are gently dried after extracting the juice (and oils). Non-fibrous compounds such as plant-specific sugars, colouring and aroma components are carefully removed during several washing steps, whereby the natural cell wall structure is practically maintained. This results in neutral sensory properties as well as high water-binding and retention capacity and furthermore it improves the nutritional physiological quality of the product. These high-swelling fruit fibres ensure longer periods of satiety, are beneficial for improving gut motility and stimulate digestion.

  • Very high dietary fibre content

  • Powder with neutral sensory properties

  • Excellent cold-swelling properties

  • Soft pulpy texture

  • Very high water-binding capacity

  • High satiating effect

  • Beneficial influence on the digestion


Meat and sausages, Fish and Surimi, Gluten-free baked goods, Bakery products, Sweet and snacks, Dairy products, Beverage applications, Fruit preparations, Frozen and convenience food products, Pro Health products, Delicacies, Miscellaneous

effects of sheer forces on hydration (grams of water per 1 gram of citrus fibre)
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