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apple sweetening extract Focus

Herbasweet is the neutral sweetness of apples. It is characterised by its light colour and low acid content. Besides the various application areas for example, Herbasweet can be used in drinks, ice cream, fruit preparations, sweets and many more the easy handling also militates for this option of sweetening. The declaration as “apple sweetener“ instead of sucrose is another outstanding sales argument.

Due to its moisture regulation features, Herbasweet can prolong the freshness of e. g. bakery products and fillings. Furthermore, it can be used in products claiming 100% fruit content. The comparatively low viscosity is another advantage when working with Herbasweet.

By using a refinement process, starches, minerals and acids are removed leading to the consistently high level of quality which enables the versatile applications for Herbasweet.

  • liquid apple extract

  • different colour intensities available

  • pH value approx. 4.0

  • density approx. 1.3 g/ml

  • 70 °Bx- and 78 °Bx-types available

  • glycaemic index 54

  • sweetness value approx. 0.95


  • approx. 44% fructose

  • approx. 39% glucose

  • approx. 4% sorbitol

  • Beverages

  • jams

  • jellies

  • marmalades

  • sauces

  • dressings

  • breads

  • desserts

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