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Every day over 800 million people use products that contain lecithin. Lecico, the lecithin experts, can offer tailor made solutions for your company.

Very few emulsifiers occur naturally as lecithin does. Due to the GMO status of Soybeans, many attempts have been made to replace lecithin with other formulations. This is virtually impossible, and at the very best only to a limited extent. The unique functionality that lecithin offers simply cannot be totally replicated using synthetic emulsifiers.

In the current market large volumes of Soy lecithin are availalble, but only limited quantities of Rapeseed and Sunflower lecithin. These lecithin types are obtained during the degumming process.

The quality and origin of the oilseed have a massive impact of the quality of the lecithin extracted, at Lecico we ensure that our lecithin is of premium grade.

product portfolio

We can offer the following lecithin types:

  • Soybean Lecithin - fluid, deoiled, Organic

  • Sunflower Lecithin - fluid, deoiled, Organic

  • Rapeseed Lecithin - Fluid, deoiled

we offer a range of AI content in all our lecithin types to suit all applications.


Lecithins are complex mixtures of different phospholipids, as for example phosphatidylcholine (PC), phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), phosphatidylinositol (PI) and phosphatidylserine (PS). They all show different technological functionality but especially very specialized nutritional properties.


Using modern technologies today lecithins can be fractionated, specific phospholipids can be concentrated or even isolated. Tailor made composition, selected raw materials but also isolated phospholipids allow to adjust application properties to the target application.  Lecithins and phospholipids are of rapidly growing attractiveness for the food but also functional food and supplement industry.


Promoting cell protection
Phospholipids are important constituents of lecithin and play a major role in the growth, maturing and functioning of all body cells. As central building blocks of cell membranes, phospholipids have a strong influence on cell structure and metabolism, and hence on overall health.


The functional attributes of each cell are highly dependent on the phospholipid composition of its membrane. Since the equilibrium of the phospholipids in the membranes can be influenced by taking additional phospholipids, they are regarded as versatile nutrients for cell membranes. Phospholipids are involved in a large number of metabolic processes, including fat absorption, cholesterol metabolism, fat transport, blood clotting and nerve function.


Versatile Membrane Nutrition
Phospholipids are vital to the human body. Even the tiniest cell in the human body contains phospholipids – and constantly needs more. While the body can produce them itself, the synthesis is a complex process requiring adequate nutritional conditions and a coordinated, smoothly functioning enzyme system.

The broad variety of functions triggered or controlled by phospholipids in the human body indicates that the substance plays an extremely important role in human health, either individually or in combinations.


Phospholipids are important for general fortification and strengthening of the body. They can help the body metabolize fat and cholesterol, thus positively impacting the cardiovascular system. Due to lipoproteins, phospholipids can enhance a general reduction of the blood cholesterol level and help promote cell protection in general, especially the protection of liver cells.

product portfolio
  • Soya PC 95%

  • Soya PS 70%

  • Egg Phospholipids 95%

  • Marine Phospholipids 40%

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