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Altia Barley Starch® is produced from pure Finnish non-GMO cultivated barley. For guaranteed high quality and reliable product, customized barley varieties have been developed in co-operation with the plant research organizations. Sustainable barley grain sourcing with full traceability back to harvesting farms ensures utmost quality. Barley Starch® contains no preservatives nor additives.

Barley Starch® is produced in Finland at Altia Koskenkorva plant which is the only 100% dedicated barley alcohol & starch producer in the world since 1987. The unique, integrated starch-ethanol process provides high purity and extra ordinary uniform quality. Large particle size A-starch is used in barley starch manufacturing, while the small particle B-variety is fermented as ethanol.  This ensures high quality starch utilizing barley cost efficiently taking environment into account.

Altia Koskenkorva Plant is a modern starch-distillery production integrate with an annual production of 60 million kg Barley Starch® & 30 million litres of 96% Barley Alcohol from pure Finnish barley

the worlds only dedicated barley starch producer


Barley Starch® as unique ingredient offers you great opportunities for product differentiation. Beverage & Food today are matter of differentiation from commodities with natural ingredients. Barley Starch® provides four unique properties: Raw material is barley, 100% natural products, superior quality and the origin is Finnish. These will bring you a competing edge in differentiation at highly competed beverage & food market with prospects for new products & innovations.

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Barley Starch® is made of pure Finnish non-GMO barley grown in the clean Nordic environment. Sustainable barley grain sourcing with full traceability back to harvesting farms ensures utmost quality. Specialized contract farmers ensure environmentally controlled growing conditions. Barley is grown near the production minimizing need for transportation & environmental impact. In Finland farm sizes are small & there is no need for irrigation.

For guaranteed high quality & reliable products, customized barley varieties have been developed in co-operation with the plant research organizations. These varieties are used for producing Altia Barley Starch® from arctic pure nature. The entire barley production chain is controlled. Food hygiene, ethical and environmental viewpoints are taken into consideration in farming and processing of barley.

Barley Starch® is a native non-modified starch with no preservatives nor additives which means clean label with no e-code. There are prospects for organic and gluten freealternatives. Barley Starch® is pure starch in its native form.

Our barley starch has been inspected and evaluated with Oiva system. Oiva is a system that communicates the results of food control to consumers. Inspection results are published online as Oiva reports, which indicate the level of the company’s food safety by means of smileys. Read more about Oiva reports here and check out our Oiva-report online .

Barley Starch® is a novel & unique ingredient for brewing, beverage, food industry as well as for non-food industrial applications. Largest of non-food are paper & board producers.

Barley Starch® is a registered trade mark.

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