Irish Country Gold are one of the industry's leading Flavour and Colour houses. At the forefront in providing sensory solutions to a multitude of sectors, is their reputation for ingenuity, innovation and an all-encompassing client service programme.

Irish Country Gold has over the last decade, built a core base as one of thee Premier manufacturers of flavours and colours. Our philosophy and our reputation for ingenuity and innovation, has enabled them to service a diverse range of industries at a local, national and international level. 

Irish Country Gold's objective is to provide an all-encompassing service, from product innovation to continued interactive client support, while constantly building on client satisfaction.

Processes and procedures are designed to allow maximum flexibility while still identifying with each aspect of quality control and product integrity.

At the forefront of creative solutions is the knowledge of market demands. Irish Country Gold's extensive database of Natural and Nature Identical Flavourings & Colours, are designed and perfected in their own state of the art laboratory, to develop multi-usable delivery systems towards the creation of successful global brands.

Industries Served.

Optimum flexibility and creativity, enables us to serve a diverse range of industries and the multitude of product offerings that stem from each of these. 

As consumer needs, market demands and client requirements constantly evolve, so is our commitment to meeting them.