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Our natural cheese flavours are characterized by a particular intensive and authentic cheese taste. The raw material for our cheese flavors is natural cheese, cream and butter.

Our natural cheese flavours have a creamy, somewhat pasty texture. They have to be refrigerated at 3-8°C while storing and shipping. Shelf life is between 6 to 12 months, depending on the product.

Our natural cheese flavours are delivered as 20kg units in polyethylene pails or in a bag-in-box system. Minimum order quantity is 20kg.

Our natural cheese flavours are applied in various food products, because of their numerous advantages.

Another designation for natural cheese flavors, coming from the U.S., is “Enzyme Modified Cheese”, commonly referred to as EMC.

Production Process

Production ProcessBeside water and fat the ingredients of cheese are proteins and carbohydrates (lactose). The dry matter is converted by enzymes and bacteria during the cheese ripening process. The result of this fermentation is cheese flavor. In order to accelerate the ripening process enzymes are added to the cheese. In addition, the ripening parameters for the bacteria and enzymes are optimized.

The result of this optimized fermentation process is a cheese paste concentrate with a strength level from 15 up to 30-fold higher than found in traditional cheese.
In some cases natural flavors are added to the intensively ripened cheese paste to complete the flavor profile of the natural cheese flavor.

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