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Directly compressible sugars for pharmaceutical applications

Each pharmaceutical preparation has its own demands – and with its broad range of Compri products, Südzucker has the exact excipient to meet those demands for your recipes and applications.

Compri made by Südzucker are the optimal binders for your actives and are characterized by excellent solubility. And for specific needs, we can develop a tailor-made solution for you. 

Adding up many benefits

Compri sugars are agglomerated, directly compressible materials for manufacturing compressed products, tablets, and instant powder products. The pure, white granulated products are based on refined sugar (sucrose). Binders and other components such as flavours, actives, lubricants or colours may be added for a tailored solution. Despite sucrose remaining the main constituent, the process of agglomeration yields a Compri product with entirely different physical-chemical properties and structure to sugar crystals. 

Based on these special properties, Compri products offer an outstanding quality and superior efficiency in processing. They have excellent flow characteristics, so can be precisely dosed, ensuring ease of processing on modern high-speed presses. 

The agglomerated structure yields a high surface area and porosity, which provides optimal absorption and binding for both liquid and powdered adjuncts. Bitterness and other unpleasant notes can be masked by the sweetness of Compri sugar, providing the ideal excipient for a range of API’s. The low hygroscopicity of Compri sugars also ensures good stability for prolonged periods of time.

Typical applications of the various Compri types include tablets, lozenges, chewable tablets, effervescent tablets and instant products.

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