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Our “Seaweed&” product range offers a selection of superb quality seaweed ingredients, with multiple benefits for the food, health and nutrition markets.
Our primary focus is on seaweeds sourced and processed using our proprietary techniques and technologies based in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. The pristine waters, world-class expertise, and unique technologies ensure you get outstanding quality, which is unacheivable by any other seaweed supplier.
Our core range, and related products, are the only global source of DNA Authentated Seaweed TM, analysed by independent UKAS accredited laboratories, and with full and transparent traceability.

Quite simple, we sell seaweed from the seashore…

In actual fact, it is a bit more complex than that, as whilst all seaweed is essentially good, some is better, and our seaweed is superb!  This is due to our impeccable supply chain, expert platform and proprietary techniques that ensure the quality, safety, traceability, consistency and sustainability of our raw materials.
This relies on our locations, technologies and techniques of getting seaweed from the sea to the finished product, with the appropriate testing, analysis and research.
Our seaweed supply and the applications of our products are all backed up with experience, expertise and meticulous research.
We appreciate that seaweeds and their many uses are new to lots of people, and so we work with you all the way from Sea to Store… on supply, product development, marketing and regulatory approval where required.

Our seaweed addresses market demands, and opportunities including:

  • Salt replacement

  • Enhancing nutritional profiles

  • Enabling EU Approved Health Claims

  • Weight and blood sugar management

  • Innovation

  • Sustainability

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