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Founded by marine biologist Dr Craig Rose, Seaweed & Co. aims to be the best seaweed supplier in the world bringing seaweed nutrition and its many benefits through high quality, safe, traceable and sustainable supply.

Seaweed is perhaps the only sustainable and natural resource that can meet all the “mega-trends” and challenges that impact our world.  These mega-trends include food, health and energy – that means the things we will always need and so will continue to grow. 

Addressing these trends in a sustainable way is how we will ensure a positive future for us and our planet.  In our own small way, we hope we can contribute to this effort by educating, researching, and developing products and supply that meets market demands and opportunities.

the worlds only seaweed manufacturer to offer DNA authentication

In terms of standards and accreditation, we are the only SALSA accredited business-to-business seaweed suppliers.

Please also get inspired by our selection of seaweed recipes and videos that cover a wide array of foods and specialist diets.  Each recipe incorporates our seaweed in a way which makes it very easy to use and benefit from the immense reange of seaweed nutritional benefits (and it all tastes great!)

With outstanding supply, a global distribution network, and collaborations with leading universities, our product quality, expertise and innovation is something we are very proud of, and we believe is second-to-none.  Only through these collaborations and a passion for what we do will we continue to be leading in our field.

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