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Citrus Fibre! Wonder Ingredient

Often, it‘s the simplest ideas that spark a change. The use of healthy dietary fibres to enrich foods and the drive to be more careful with food resources were two such ideas, and these concepts are now more relevant than ever before in the food industry. Fibre-rich and highly functional fruit fibres satisfy these requirements and can be used to sustainably increase the value of your products.

Herbal AQ Plus Citrus is a citrus fibre which is produced from freshly harvested citrus fruits which are gently dried after extracting the juice. The fibres are manufactured using a special production process and convince by neutral sensory properties and a neutral visual appearance, combined with exceptional functionality. With a water-binding capacity of around 25 g/g (Please see below data), even small dosages make a huge impact to texture.

Thanks to its functional and emulsifying properties, our clean label citrus fibre can replace conventional thickening agents, emulsifiers and stabilisers, making it easy for you to produce clean label products or shorten your ingredients lists.

Water Retention Information

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