MISO! The Game Changer!

The BBC aired Supermarket Secrets Show based yesterday highlighting the salt reduction benefits of our unique Freeze Dried Miso. HOWEVER in various blind tests our Icelands Miso Burger was picked as the tastiest despite having a 25% salt reduction in final product. The reaction to the show has been excellent, we would expect no more! Jump on board and improve the flavour, texture, salt levels of your products. We have been working closely with our exclusive partners Bingham & Jones on the Miso for the past 2 years. Researching the Miso to see what more it can offer to the food manufacturer. Bingham & Jones have researched a range of applications and found that our Miso is not only an excelle

Miso Famous! We'so Excited!

Monday 26th June @21.00 the BBC are broadcasting Supermarket Secrets showcasing our unique Freeze Dried Miso. Don't forget to set your recording device!!! For further information on our miso, please do not hesitate to contact us. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08wzfbm

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