Naturally Fermented Cheese & Dairy Concentrates!

Why use our products? Processed cheese is created by blending young neutral tasting cheese; to give texture; and a chosen level of mature cheese to achieve the required flavour profile. This process has disadvantages as cheese has an inconsistent flavour profile from batch to batch. The use of our naturally fermented cheese pastes eliminates the risk of inconsistency as our products are standardised to give consistent flavour profile. Our unique products also offer the ability to diversify the flavour profile with minimal alteration to the standard formula.Why use our products? Processed cheese is created by blending young neutral tasting cheese; to give texture; and a chosen level of mature

Butter! Starter Distillates

These all-natural butter flavour systems possess a smooth, rich, fresh butter character, making them ideal for applications in numerous low-fat food formulations. Especially popular is the usage in the manufacture of: Dairy products, Cream Cheese, Dessert, Pudding, Salad dressings, Marinades, as well as imitation dairy flavours. Further more they are excellent natural replacements for synthetic diacetyl. Starter Distillates, are derived from selective lactic culture fermentation of milk and further purified by steam distillation. These Liquid Butter Flavours have a standard of identity as described in the food additive regulations of 21 CFR 184.1848. They are Generally Recognised as Safe (

Monk Fruit! The Future is Sweet!

Luo han guo, or monk fruit, is one of the most recent additions to the global natural sweetener market and is among one of the most exciting ingredients to be approved. Luo han guo not only offers natural sweetening for a variety of finished food and beverage applications but offers a well-rounded sucrose-like taste profile that formulators are hard pressed to find from other natural options. GLG has made significant investments in the luo han guo market to offer the same vertical integration as GLG’s stevia portfolio, allowing for unparalleled quality and full traceability from fruit to final product. Through close relationships with our farmers and many learnings from our stevia productio

Organic Sunflower Lecithin Powder

In addition to the existing range for fluid and deoiled Sunflower lecithin, we can now offer a new Organic Deoiled Sunflower Lecithin Powder. LECICO SUN P 400 ORGANIC - produced by Co2 Extraction - has the same advantages as our Deoiled Soybean Lecithin Powder P 900 Organic. But one of the most important benefits of our Organic Deoiled Sunflower Lecithin Powder is its non-allergenic status and it is not on the list of allergenic constituents in the Alba data base. Please see our attached technical data sheets with more detailed information on the new product and do not hesitate to get in touch with your sales contact regarding any question you may have. Our new product LECICO SUN P 400 ORGA

Seaweed talks 2016

Seaweed & Co. is invited to speak at both of these prestigious events later this month. We hope to see you there. Our Founder and Managing Director, Dr Craig Rose, will be speaking at Food Matters Live in London, and then at Health Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt. Please follow link for further information:

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