Miso Smoked Wings

It's National BBQ week and the hot weather is blistering! I have seen a lot of people sharing results from their marinades to home smoking and large steaks! I started to think about how members of the public without gardens could also enjoy BBQ food, or if the weather turns and we are all unable to cook these culinary treats while enjoying the sunshine. I have below a recipe for a marinade which can be used on multiple proteins such as Chicken, Pork or Tuna steaks. This marinade delivers an incredible moorish flavour along with subtle smoke notes. Recipe (in relation to the weight of the protein) 8% Red miso powder (Hanamaruki) 1% Oak smoked sunflower oil (Besmoke) 2% Garlic puree 2% Sumac M

Yorkshire Pudding Pies

I saw a post the other day of a beef pie in hot crust pastry, almost a beef pork pie if you like and it looked amazing! So i decided to make some of mine, but to add an extra twist i used yorkshire puddings instead of pastry. I wanted to used pulled brisket, slow cooked after being marinated in shio koji to boost its already fabulous flavour. To add another depth of flavour and some creaminess to the pie i added some blue cheese using Jeneil blue cheese concentrate paste. The key benefit to using the paste is that i only had to use 2% to achieve a full impacting flavour. Therefore allowing me more space in my recipe for the brisket and gravy! Yorkshire pudding 1 cup full plain flour 1 cup fu

Shio Koji Honeycomb

Recently i have been researching and developing using shio koji in new applications, and decided i would give some desserts and sweet treats a go. Shio koji packs a large amount of umami flavour so i wanted to play on the sweet and savoury combination which has become so popular over recent years. Below is a recipe i used for Honeycomb, with the slight addition of shio koji to create a new dimension to this much loved treat. Recipe 150g Honey 230g Glucose 400g Sugar 12g Shio Koji 40g Bicarbonate soda Method 1) Add the honey, Glucose, sugar and koji to a large saucepan 2) Using a sugar thermometer, heat up to 150c 3) While heating ensure you have the bicarb weighed out and a tray lined 4) Rem

Vegan Mayonnaise

Working closely with our partner Herbafood, we have investigated the use of citrus fibre in vegan emulsions. The use of citrus fibre allows us to achieve many benefits such as: Fat reduction Salt reduction Sugar reduction Removal of starch and gums Improved flavour release Recipe cost savings We begin suspending the citrus fibre in water under high shear, this gives the product a fat like texture great for achieving all of the above. of theThe removal of starch and gum from the recipe, then being replaced with a Citrus Fibre:Water (2:98) suspension improves the overall mouthfeel emulsion making it less laggy on the pallet enabling us to reduce the seasoning. I wanted to create a vegan mayon

Koji wild mushrooms, Sourdough and Poached egg

Is there a better way to start your day than with a flavoursome filling breakfast? Wild mushrooms already have such an incredible flavour, but what we have done here is elevate that even further by using shio koji. This has dramatically increased the natural umami to a new level without the addition of salt. Served on top of a freshly baked toasted sourdough and a rich free range poached egg to add a richness to the dish. Recipe - 130g wild mushrooms (i had a mixture of shitake, oyster, portobello and king oyster mushrooms) - 5g Shio koji - Slice of sourdough bread (toasted) - 1 egg Method - Marinade the mushrooms in shio koji 2 hours before cooking. This allows the mushrooms to fully take i

Nuts about Satay

This is a classic, flavoursome sauce which delivers a nutty and creamy flavour with a slight heat kick. It's one of my favourites and I have been developing this recipe for a few weeks to get it perfect. I have used a couple of The Ingredients Consultancy's ingredients to help me lift the amazing flavour along with reduce the total fat content to make this Satay 30% healthier than currently on supermarket shelves. RECIPE 10g Clear honey 15g Red miso powder 5g Shio Koji 4g Diced red chilli 1 Lime juiced 4g Curry powder 40g Crunchy peanut butter 2g Citrus Fibre 98g Water 190ml Coconut milk METHOD 1) Suspend the water and citrus fibre under a high shear for 2 minutes to create a thick suspensio

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