Croque Monsieur with Va Va Voom!

One of my all time favourite snacks, basically a much gooeyer, much cheesier, cheese and ham toastie with a fancy name. What makes this dish special is the cheesy bechamel sauce that the toastie is smothered in. At The Ingredients Consultancy we are lucky enough to work with Jeneil, a market leading manufacturer of Naturally Fermented Concentrated Cheese and Dairy pastes and powders. Jeneil's unique range of premium fermented pastes and powders offers the user: Intensive, authentic, true flavour profile Reduced formulation costs High flavour concentration = low dosage Free of flavour enhancers and synthetic flavours No preservatives High heat stability Clean Label Declaration Potential to re

Miso Fudge

The Ingredients Consultancy are lucky to work closely with Hanamaruki, the second largest miso producer in the world, with the best miso on the market Miso is a well known ingredient for its many uses: Salt reduction Flavour enhancement, through its high level of glutamic acid (Umami) Meat tenderisation, Contains enzymes which break down the long protein chains resulting in a much more tender product. I have recently been experimenting with the use of miso in a number of applications, some including sweets / desserts and below is the recipe I came up with for quite possibly one the best fudges I have tried! The use of miso in the fudge gives a salty flavour, but also a deep savoury / earthy

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