We are exhibiting at Food Matters Live this November. Come and see us to learn more about our exclusive clean label, functional range of ingredients and what they can offer to you and your products. We can show you how to achieve fat reduction, sugar reduction, salt reduction, yield improvements, recipe cost reductions, flavour improvements, Umami, textural enhancements, clean label alternatives to gums, starch, caramel, sugar..... We are showcasing Shio Koji (Naturally fermented rice from Japan) with our Japanese colleagues Hanamaruki! We will be offering a blind taste test on products like chicken and burgers proving just how unique this ingredient is! Further more our culinary partners Bi

SHIO KOJI! Welcome to the future!

Shio Koji is the most exciting multifunctional ingredient in years! It is GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN and ALLERGEN FREE offering a range of benefits including: UMAMI ENHANCER "Umami" is a flavour profile associated to Glutamic Acids, Shio Koji has the highest level of Glutamic Acid of any of its competitors on the market GLOBALLY! MASKING EFFECT Shio Koji is a leader in flavour masking! Offering a level of masking NATURALLY that cannot be beaten by its competitors! FISH TRIAL The first trial was to show how Shio Koji works on fish products to eliminate off (fishy notes; caused by the development of trymethylamine) and make fish last more "meaty" SOY TRIAL Our second trial was to eliminate the off not

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