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Naturally Fermented Cheese concentrates

Jeneil are the worlds leading manufacturer of naturally fermented cheese concentrates.

Naturally fermented cheese concentrates were developed by our founder the late Dr. Niranjan Gandhi, one of the worlds leading experts in dairy and microbiology. Always a perfectionist Dr. Gandhi persisted in ensuring that his products are second to none and that is still true to this day and although many have tried to replicate our products, none have even come close to our quality.

Naturally fermented cheese and dairy pastes come in a wide array of flavours including:

  • Cheddar

  • Blue Cheese

  • Italian Hard Cheese

  • Cream

  • Butter to name a few.

Our unique products offer the consumer a number of benefits including:

  • Clean label

  • Reduced formulation costs

  • improved nutriscore rating

  • authentic "true" flavour profiles

  • Bake Stability

  • No price fluctuation unlike the dairy market

  • No seasonal variation in flavour profile unlike cheese markets.

If you would like further information, samples or a V-meeting please do not hesitate to contact us.


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