Vegan Cheese! Yes Please!

As the demand for vegan products is increasing at an exponential rate we are always working closely with our production partners to create new ingredients to supply to the vegan manufacturers. Our latest ingredient from our partner Jeneil is a real game changer! Who are Jeneil? Family Owned Company R&D Centres in USA and Germany 30 years experience Global Market Leader in naturally fermented, concentrated cheese and dairy How is this done? Our cheese and dairy ranges offer various flavour profiles to fit the customers required taste. Benefits Intensive, authentic, true flavour profile Reduced formulation costs High flavour concentration = low dosage Free of flavour enhancers and synthetic fl

Shio Koji, how to make the perfect steak

Pan fried sirloin steak – Marinated in Shio koji We all enjoy steak in our house, everyone has their preferred cut,mine has always been a nice thick cut sirloin, cooked pink to allow that distinctive rich flavour to come through. Below is a recipe, method and some interesting information on both production of steaks and our ingredients used in the production. One point that not many know is that the cattle can have an effect the quality of a good steak. If the cattle have experienced stress before its slaughter its body has a rush of adrenaline throughout. This leads to the meat becoming less tender and, in some cases, under long term stress this can discolour the meat becoming softer and al

A Taste Of Asia

Asian style salad dressing Summer is approaching and with this an increase in the number of salads consumed throughout the UK and Ireland. I have been working with our ingredients to create a full flavour, healthy dressing which would accompany any salad. Below is the recipe and step by step guide to how to create this fantastic dressing. Recipes AQ Plus Citrus Fibre N 15g Water 775g Sesame oil 100g White wine vinegar 40g Garlic puree 12g White Miso paste 35g Shio Koji 23g Firstly we need to create a Citrus Fibre Suspension, this is done with high shear, the higher the better! In this case I used a Thermomix on level 10 for 1 minute. You can see from the above images the impact shear has on

COVID-19 Meetings

We are all aware of the impact Covid-19 is having on business and travel around the world. Many production facilities are now locking their doors to visitors which will obviously have an impact on proactivity and development. In an attempt to maintain some sort of normality we at The Ingredients Consultancy are now offering video conferencing calls to present our products an assist our customers. We will also start updating video seminars which will be master classes on our ingredients, these will be open to all visitors. Please if you would like to arrange a conference call / video conference call do not hesitate to contact us.

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