A Taste Of Asia

Asian style salad dressing

Summer is approaching and with this an increase in the number of salads consumed throughout the UK and Ireland. I have been working with our ingredients to create a full flavour, healthy dressing which would accompany any salad. Below is the recipe and step by step guide to how to create this fantastic dressing.


AQ Plus Citrus Fibre N 15g

Water 775g

Sesame oil 100g

White wine vinegar 40g

Garlic puree 12g

White Miso paste 35g

Shio Koji 23g

Firstly we need to create a Citrus Fibre Suspension, this is done with high shear, the higher the better! In this case I used a Thermomix on level 10 for 1 minute.

You can see from the above images the impact shear has on on Citrus Fibre and its retention capability. The texture resembles that of wallpaper paste.