Korean Short Rib Bao Buns

We have been experimenting with meat tenderisation and exploring other benefits we are able to achieve using our ingredients, targeting salt and sugar reduction with clean label products while also adding to the flavour We also wanted to ensure we was following food trends we have seen in the market and restaurants as well as through a number of food trend reports. One of the largest food trends we are noticing is Korean BBQ, a sweet, salty, sour and savoury combination with a touch of heat, accompanied with pickled vegetables I decided what best way to demonstrate this than to make a Korean BBQ Bao Bun filled with marinaded beef short rib and pickled vegetables, Please see recipe below. Sho

Caulipower! Shio Koji in Vegan Applications!

Here at The Ingredients Consultancy we have been doing a lot of work on flavour and textural development in the vegetarian/vegan product ranges utilising our ingredients. Last week at food matters live, we demonstrated to the masses just how much flavour, umami we can achieve with the added benefit of a textural improvement. To show this in application we tasked our Culinary Master Leigh Richards with developing a recipe to showcase....... The Recipe... Pan Fried Cauliflower steak, Purple broccoli, Spinach, Pomegranate, Chimmi Churri (serves 4) Steak preparation Remove outer leaves of the 2 cauliflower ensuring to leave the centre stem in Slice into thick slices, approx. 2 – 2.5cm Vac pack i

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