Ice Cream Melting? Behave....

We have been working closely with Philipp Martin (our ice cream expert at Herbafood) and have managed to achieve the impossible! We have improved the melting behaviour of ice cream, improved the melting behaviour, increased the creaminess and all with a calorie reduction of unto 75%! Want to learn more please get in touch.

Citrus Fibre

Fat, Sugar and Salt reduction has been at the top of developers agendas for quite a few years, but the constant worry among developers and consumers is that we are compromising on flavour to the end products. At The Ingredients Consultancy we have done some extensive work with our supplier Herbafood to target these reductions by using Citrus Fibre within a number of products. Citrus fibre has a massive absorption rate of up to 47.5g water per 1g fibre making it the most effective fibre on the market. Under sheer force this can create a fat mimic which can be used in direct replacement of fat within sauces and soups allowing significant reductions. Citrus Fibre also has the capability to work

Meat our latest innovation for Vegans!

The demand for plant based alternatives to animal protein is growing at an exponential rate, and the developing market is continually looking to improve the realism of the meat alternatives. With this in mind we set out to trial our Apple Extract (HERBAROM) exclusively manufactured by Herbafood, part of the Herbstreith & Fox Food Group. We trialled two variants of our Herbarom, AF12 and AF24-SR, we found: Herbarom AF12 - greater flavour impact, improved sweetening and improved Maillard reaction. Herbarom AF24-SR - High impact on colour, less flavour impact. In application we trialled the use of Herbarom alone and its impact on colour, this is what we found: We then looked into adding Herbaro

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