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improve your nutritional score

The food industry is continually searching for clean label ingredients to assist in the reduction of salt, sugar, fat and indeed costs.

Traffic light systems, and nutritional scores are at the forefront of this development as the consumers become more and more aware of the foods they are eating and the necessity for a healthier living, especially in these testing times.

Obviously products containing cream and cheese products offer a particularly troublesome dilemma in this situation as they are naturally high in fat, BUT DO NOT FEAR! Our world leading naturally fermented cheese and dairy concentrates offer the perfect solution for the reduction of fat and cost to your products.

At Jeneil we have developed the worlds first, and finest naturally fermented cheese and cream products offering food manufacturers the opportunity to achieve between 10-50% fat reduction in their dairy containing products. This is possible due to our unique fermentation process that basically converts the nutiriotnal elements of the cheese/cream into concentrated flavour compounds, basically we turn a mature cheddar into a extra extra extra extra....... mature cheddar enabling; for example; a 15% cheddar sauce to be replaced with only 3% fermented cheddar with ZERO loss in flavour. The fat element we can replace with citrus fibre to ensure textural consistency.

If you would like any further information, samples or for a virtual visit for us to explain this further please do not hesitate to contact us.


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