Time to "Ketchup" with us! Sugar and salt removed, no compromise on taste and texture! Herbacel AQ+

Ketchup is one of the most popular savoury sauces and is consumed worldwide but it contains high levels of both sugar and salt.

In light of global food trends, producers are required improve nutritional values, reducing sugar and salt contents. The removal of sugar can be challenging as not only does it make the ketchup sweeter but also it creates texture and body to the product.

Our multifunctional fibres, especially the Herbacel AQ Plus Apple - A09, are the perfect choice for compensating the loss of sugar in no added sugar ketchups - without compromising on texture. To create your new indulgent recipe, choose from Herbafood´s multifunctional fibre range, which delivers the optimal flavour release in your ketchup.