Miso Smoked Wings

It's National BBQ week and the hot weather is blistering!

I have seen a lot of people sharing results from their marinades to home smoking and large steaks!

I started to think about how members of the public without gardens could also enjoy BBQ food, or if the weather turns and we are all unable to cook these culinary treats while enjoying the sunshine.

I have below a recipe for a marinade which can be used on multiple proteins such as Chicken, Pork or Tuna steaks. This marinade delivers an incredible moorish flavour along with subtle smoke notes.

Recipe (in relation to the weight of the protein)

8% Red miso powder (Hanamaruki)

1% Oak smoked sunflower oil (Besmoke)

2% Garlic puree

2% Sumac

Mix all of these ingredients together and completely coat your protein leave to marinade in a refrigerator for 12 hours minimum.

All of these ingredients are very powerful for the marinade:

Red miso powder

The miso packs an incredible about of umami flavour which leaves us craving more whilst allowing us to not add any free salt to our marinade. There are also enzymes present in the miso, this breaks down the protein to create a much more tender eat once marinaded.

Naturally Oak smoked sunflower oil

Besmokes naturally clean smoked oils are by far the best on the market, utilising their unique Pure Smoke Technology they ensure that their ingredients have a superior aromatic smoke profile over that of traditional smokers. By using these in our marinade we are able to deliver that 'smoked BBQ' flavour and aroma without the use of the BBQ.

Garlic puree and Sumac

These 2 ingredients are to add new levels of flavour to our marinade. The garlic adds a earthy depth and the Sumac offers a slight lemon citrus note.

Optional - If you like a bit of heat to your BBQ dishes, some pureed red chilli also works within this marinade

As well as a marinade, this mix would also work well within homemade burger and sausages

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