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Vegan Cheese! Yes Please!

As the demand for vegan products is increasing at an exponential rate we are always working closely with our production partners to create new ingredients to supply to the vegan manufacturers.

Our latest ingredient from our partner Jeneil is a real game changer!

Who are Jeneil?

  • Family Owned Company

  • R&D Centres in USA and Germany

  • 30 years experience

  • Global Market Leader in naturally fermented, concentrated cheese and dairy

How is this done?

Our cheese and dairy ranges offer various flavour profiles to fit the customers required taste.


  • Intensive, authentic, true flavour profile

  • Reduced formulation costs

  • High flavour concentration = low dosage

  • Free of flavour enhancers and synthetic flavours

  • No preservatives

  • High heat stability

  • Clean Label Declaration

  • Comprehensive Accreditation

  • Possibility of fat reduction without jeopardising flavour

  • Low usage rate of 1.5% - 3% (depending on application this may vary)

Whats new?

Jeneil have invested heavily in research and development to service the rapidly growing vegan demand, and are now able to offer a number of vegan products available to food manufacturers.

These ingredients are all manufactured to Jeneil's exacting standards offering the manufacturer all the benefits associated with Jeneil's core range.

This is a huge step forwards for food manufacturing as the demand for vegan products continues to grow daily.

Below is the 5 variations of vegan products currently available, to order a sample or ask for further information just get in touch

  • JBS-4536 Non-dairy Cheddar

  • MZG-91080 Non-dairy mozzarella

  • NDVF-4044 Non-dairy Italian hard style

  • CCG-91040 Non-dairy Cream cheese

  • SCG-91040 Non-dairy Sour cream

If you require further information, samples or for us to discuss these exciting ingredients further please do not hesitate to contact us.

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