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SHIO KOJI! Welcome to the future!

Shio Koji is the most exciting multifunctional ingredient in years! It is GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN and ALLERGEN FREE offering a range of benefits including:


"Umami" is a flavour profile associated to Glutamic Acids, Shio Koji has the highest level of Glutamic Acid of any of its competitors on the market GLOBALLY!


Shio Koji is a leader in flavour masking! Offering a level of masking NATURALLY that cannot be beaten by its competitors!


The first trial was to show how Shio Koji works on fish products to eliminate off (fishy notes; caused by the development of trymethylamine) and make fish last more "meaty"


Our second trial was to eliminate the off notes notoriously present when working with SOYA protein. We can remove this with Shio Koji and make SOYA products actually edible!


Due to the naturally occurring glucose content Shio Koji is an excellent water retention mechanism and is has a positive impact on yield


The naturally occurring enzymes in Shio Koji offer a unique meat tenderising effect that can not only improve texture but also increase savings. The below results show the pressure needed to puncture a chicken breast after various treatments against a control.


Last but not least, Shio Koji offers a possible salt reduction of at least 20%! Containing 12% NaCL its self, along with the umami you will actually find an improved flavour with less salt! We have taken it down to ZERO salt in a burger replaced with 4% Shio Koji offering a Salt content of 0.48% over the 3% control!

below is one of our other trials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, samples or for us to come visit you to show you just how good this ingredient actually is!

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