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Koji wild mushrooms, Sourdough and Poached egg

Is there a better way to start your day than with a flavoursome filling breakfast?

Wild mushrooms already have such an incredible flavour, but what we have done here is elevate that even further by using shio koji. This has dramatically increased the natural umami to a new level without the addition of salt.

Served on top of a freshly baked toasted sourdough and a rich free range poached egg to add a richness to the dish.


- 130g wild mushrooms (i had a mixture of shitake, oyster, portobello and king oyster mushrooms)

- 5g Shio koji

- Slice of sourdough bread (toasted)

- 1 egg


- Marinade the mushrooms in shio koji 2 hours before cooking. This allows the mushrooms to fully take in the koji, locking in that amazing flavour.

- In a deep saucepan bring to the boil water with 5% white wine vinegar

- In a frying pan gently fry off the mushrooms in butter

- Whisk the water into a whirlpool and crack the egg into the centre to poach

- To plate, place the mushrooms on top of the sourdough, then top with the soft poached egg

The flavour boost that the Shio gives the mushrooms is truly amazing and a must try!

To learn more about Koji and the other amazing ingredients we have on offer at The Ingredients Consultancy get in touch!

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