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Nuts about Satay

This is a classic, flavoursome sauce which delivers a nutty and creamy flavour with a slight heat kick. It's one of my favourites and I have been developing this recipe for a few weeks to get it perfect.

I have used a couple of The Ingredients Consultancy's ingredients to help me lift the amazing flavour along with reduce the total fat content to make this Satay 30% healthier than currently on supermarket shelves.


10g Clear honey

15g Red miso powder

5g Shio Koji

4g Diced red chilli

1 Lime juiced

4g Curry powder

40g Crunchy peanut butter

2g Citrus Fibre

98g Water

190ml Coconut milk


1) Suspend the water and citrus fibre under a high shear for 2 minutes to create a thick suspension. This is what we will be using to reduce the fat in the recipe. Using this suspension gives a fat like texture while also enabling us to not use starch, which allows more flavour to come through as starch is well known to block flavour from our taste buds.

2) Into the suspension we then add the honey, miso, koji, lime juice, curry powder and Peanut butter. Mix on a medium shear to slightly break up the nuts to smaller pieces giving our sauce some texture.

Satay traditionally contains soy sauce to add a rich salty flavour. In its place i have used our red miso powder and shio koji. The combination of these two ingredients really give a deep powerful umami flavour and lifts the other ingredients within the sauce.

3) Slowly add in the coconut milk on low shear until fully incorporated and apply heat (I used a Thermomix, but this can be done in a saucepan or for manufacturers in a sauce kettle), and then finally fold in the diced chilli.

Depending on you tolerances with heat, you can add more or less than in the recipe. The chilli gives the sauce a gentle heat level with again is just adding another level to the flavour

I served this with chicken skewers cooked on the BBQ, but can also be used as a stir fry sauce with some fresh green vegetables and noodles.

Citrus fibre, Miso and Shio Koji work wonders in this sauce, and the combination can be applied across multiple others.

If you would like to learn more about these fantastic ingredients or understand how they can work for you then get in touch with a member of our team

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