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Shio Koji Honeycomb

Recently i have been researching and developing using shio koji in new applications, and decided i would give some desserts and sweet treats a go.

Shio koji packs a large amount of umami flavour so i wanted to play on the sweet and savoury combination which has become so popular over recent years.

Below is a recipe i used for Honeycomb, with the slight addition of shio koji to create a new dimension to this much loved treat.


150g Honey

230g Glucose

400g Sugar

12g Shio Koji

40g Bicarbonate soda


1) Add the honey, Glucose, sugar and koji to a large saucepan

2) Using a sugar thermometer, heat up to 150c

3) While heating ensure you have the bicarb weighed out and a tray lined

4) Remove from the heat and add in the bicarb, stir quickly to mix thoroughly

5) The honeycomb will expand very quickly so be extremely careful when pouring into the tray once full expanded.

6) Leave to set for 1 - 2 hours

7) Once set and cool, break into pieces and it's ready to eat. I covered mine in chocolate sauce.

The flavour coming through from the koji adds that extra level to the already fantastic honeycomb, the savoury notes come through and gently balance with the sweetness.

If you are developing and desserts that you want to add a edge to get in touch to learn how koji could work for you. At The Ingredients Consultancy we have a number of ingredients to help with development which have some amazing benefits such as:

- Fat reduction

- Salt reduction

- Sugar reduction

- Texture improvement

- Flavour improvement

- Removal of starch and gums

- Potential cost saving

Get in touch with a member of the team to find out more about how we can help you

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