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"Flour Power!" Learn how we are "battering" the opposition!

We are excited to share with you a series of trials to compare the use of traditional battering flours to our superior pulse flours with outstanding results.


  • BEST Pulse Flours are milled from the seed of non GMO, field-dried pulse crops in a pulse-dedicated facility.

  • These flours have excellent nutritional profiles with twice the protein and 50% more fibre than traditional wheat flour.

  • BEST Pea Fibre 125 may be added to the pre-dust or dry batter to increase fibre content allowing for a fibre claim.


  • Improved Crispness

  • More Golden Colour Profile

  • Suitable for Gluten Free Applications

  • Reduces Oil Uptake during Frying

  • Improves Heat Lamp Stability

  • GMO Free

  • Non Allergen

  • Clean Label

  • Allows Dietary Fibre

  • Increases in Iron and Calcium

To read the full trial and or request further information, samples please do not hesitate to contact us.

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