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au naturel! lets replace caramel...

The demand for clean label colouring agents has risen greatly over the recent years as consumers become more and more conscious of what they are consuming. As a global leader in both innovation and clean label ingredients we are able to offer the world the alternative natural colouring agent for both E150 and malt extract.

Herbarom™ is a unique ingredient that offers natural colouring for both food and beverage products.

The intense brown colour Herbarom™ offers is due to its natural content of polyphenols which are a highly abundant micronutrient with anti-oxidative properties and play a an important role in reducing the progression of diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease.

We are able to standardise the levels of polyphenols in our range of Herbarom™ products to cater for the varying colour and sweeteness needs of our customers.


• liquid apple extract

• fruity flavour

• colour spectrum from light gold to deep brown depending on the dosage

• differing colour intensities

• pH-value approx. 4.0

• density ca. 1.3 g/ml

• sugar content:

• Herbarom ® AF 03, AF 06 and AF 12 approx. 40 %

• Sugar reduced type Herbarom ® AF 24 SR approx. 2 %

• sugar reduced type as powder and liquid available

• declaration as “apple extract” „colouring apple extract“


  • beverages & basics for beverages

  • bread & other baked goods sauces

  • gourmet foods & vinegar • meat substitutes

  • meat & meat products

  • marinades & coatings

  • cereals & extruded goods

  • confectionery

  • cakes, gingerbread & shortbread

  • desserts

  • and many more…

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