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Thanks to its tremendous development in recent years, the market for organic products has gained a solid foothold and continues to grow. Since lecithin – in accordance with Regulations (EC) 889/2008 and (EC) 834/2007 – is on the list of permitted additives for organic foods, conventional non­-genetically modified lecithin can be used in these products. As long as the prescribed amount of max. 5% per recipe is not exceeded. But many manufacturers increasingly try to meet consumer desires by producing their products without any conventional ingredients. This means that the ingredients and additives used must meet the criteria and the quality requirements of environmental regulations.

This is why LECICO now offers lecithins, which are naturally and ecologically produced and thus correspond to the complete concept of an "organic production." In this process organic soybeans or sunflower seeds are mechanical pressed to obtain the oil. By water addition to the pressed oil, the lecithin is isloated by mechanical separation and drying. Organic lecithin is extracted from soybeans or sunflower seeds, which are not genetically modified. In addition, these crops are grown organically, without the use of pesticides or other plant protection agents. The strict manufacturing criteria limit the produced quantity of organic lecithin compared to conventionally produced lecithin.

LECICO offers organic quality lecithin.

These organic lecithins are certified by IMO Control and have full seed origin traceability. This guarantees that contamination by GMO seeds is impossible. In addition, all organic lecithins of LECICO comply with Regulation (EC) 834/2007.

“Organic” Soya Lecithin

Of course, these organic lecithins are non-­GMO and thus do not require labeling according to Regulation No. 1129/2011EU and 231/2012EU.

“Organic” Sunflower Seed Lecithin Sunflower seeds have, as of yet, not been genetically modified. For this reason, all sunflower lecithin is non­-GMO and is thus not subject to labeling in accordance with the aforementioned regulations. Another advantage of this lecithin is that sunflower lecithin is not considered allergenic.

Organic Lecithin – use and benefits

Organic Lecithin has a highly interesting market potential because the demand for goods from ecological productions is increasing steadily. This also means that the ingredients and additives used must meet the criteria and quality requirements of environmental regulations.

Consumers that are interested in organic goods are well informed nowadays and are looking for products that meet their safety requirements. They desire products that are ecologically flawless – down to the smallest ingredient.

With the tiny amount of Maximum 5 % in the formula, our producers offer their customers 100% organic quality.

Organic Lecithins are pure natural products and are used in many areas as emulsifiers. Due to their special structure, lecithins connect water and fat effectively. They positively enhance the wettability, dispersibility and the oxidation stability of products. Also they improve the viscosity and baking properties.

Various applications of lecithin in the organic segment

• Chocolate • Pralines • Bakery/ Bread • Confectionery • Ice-Cream • Waffles • Powdered Mixtures • Baby Food • Diet Products • Animal Feed • Body Care Products

Organic Sunflower Lecithin

LECICO lecithin in organic quality: All Organic Lecithins we offer are certified by IMO Control and have full seed origin traceability. This guarantees that contamination by GMO seeds is impossible. In addition, all Organic Lecithins of LECICO comply with regulation (EC) 834/2007 and are certified and controlled accordingly. LECICO Organic Lecithin is produced from soya or sunflower seeds and is available in a liquid and clear form and has excellent flowing characteristics, especially in the application range of organic food production.

The optimal product characteristics of LECICO Organic Lecithins

• very light grades • excellent flowing characteristics • very good microbiological data • LECICO’s own standardization system for consistently high product quality • 100% organic final product can be declared • lactose-free • Flexible packing units from 10kg to 1000kg

LECICO offers pure Organic Lecithin without the use of chemical solvents, herbicides and pesticides and organic lecithin that thus corresponds to the concept of a complete (pure) organic production.

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