Thanks to its tremendous development in recent years, the market for organic products has gained a solid foothold and continues to grow. Since lecithin – in accordance with Regulations (EC) 889/2008 and (EC) 834/2007 – is on the list of permitted additives for organic foods, conventional non­-genetically modified lecithin can be used in these products. As long as the prescribed amount of max. 5% per recipe is not exceeded. But many manufacturers increasingly try to meet consumer desires by producing their products without any conventional ingredients. This means that the ingredients and additives used must meet the criteria and the quality requirements of environmental regulations.

This is why LECICO now offers lecithins, which are naturally and ecologically produced and thus correspond to the complete concept of an "organic production." In this process organic soybeans or sunflower seeds are mechanical pressed to obtain the oil. By water addition to the pressed oil, the lecithin is isloated by mechanical separation and drying. Organic lecithin is extracted from soybeans or sunflower seeds, which are not genetically modified. In addition, these crops are grown organically, without the use of pesticides or other plant protection agents. The strict manufacturing criteria limit the produced quantity of organic lecithin compared to conventionally produced lecithin.

LECICO offers organic quality lecithin.