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Reduced Calorie Fruit Spreads with NO need to add Calcium!

Herbstreith & Fox are globally known as the worlds most technical pectin manufacturer, and the only company who focusses 100% of their resource to the development and production of Pectin for a multitude of applications.

The Latest developments from the Herbstreith & Fox development team has been focussed on the reduction of sugars in products based on the latest guidelines from the World Health Organisation suggesting a reduction in sucrose intake limiting it to 10% of the calorific intake daily.

The reduction of sugars in fruit spreads has several negative impacts on the finished product including a reduction in sweetness, a reduction in mouthfeel and a risk of syneresis.

There is also a positive effect of improved flavour release (due to the pallet masking effect high sugar gives.)

To this point all pectin working in the reduced sugars range; 30-50% Brix; has required the addition of calcium to increase the reaction strength of the pectin, we have now developed three pectin types to work in this range which DO NOT require additional Calcium! Making for a sugar reduced product with a cleaner label.

What really stands out here is the fact that our pectins not only offer no additional calcium required, but also have incredibly low syneresis and due to the level of gelling strength giving a fuller mouth feel more like high Brix traditional "jams" with improved full flavour and increased fruity taste, and to top it off 100% suitable for organic products too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information, the full report or a sample.

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